We like drinking wine at my house, so of course we have a collection of empty wine bottles just waiting for a craft project.


Tools of the trade lol.  I have the wine bottle chosen, pure acetone, and scissors. We didn’t have cotton string so I substituted a cotton t-shirt and cut thin strips to use, and you can see it soaking in the acetone cap full of acetone.


Tied the acetone soaked cotton strips around the wine bottle, where you want it to be cut. Then set that thing on fire…


And like the instructions said I turned the inferno bottle around and around, trying to make sure the heat was evenly distributed before I plunged it into the mop bucket full of ice water (that’s how we do around here)Image

This is what happens after the bottle takes the icy plunge, the top of the bottle just pops right off (I would like to note at this time that it took me 3-4 attempts to let the cotton string burn long enough because I was afraid I was doing it wrong. You must let the the fire burn all the way out before you “take the plunge”)


Apparently I didn’t turn the bottle correctly or evenly while the fire burned, my “cut” line turned out wonky.


And as to not be wasteful, I decided to keep the top as a makeshift funnel.Image

And here is the finished product!!! I was incredibly proud of the fact that I was even remotely successful at this.


So let me know if you have attempted/completed this craft and let me know how yours turned out! Thanks for reading, we have lots more to come!!!


About ahamby85

I'm out to test recipes and crafts, giving real life results. Whether I succeed or fail miserably.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know you could cut a bottle with acetone and fire. :O My family has a lot of wine bottles hanging around as well. We’ve taken to flattening them for platters and the like!

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