Found this fish bowl in my yard, cleaned it up…now what to craft with it???

So I’m sitting here thinking about what my next project should be, what craft or recipe am I dying to try next? There are just so many…plus funds are depleted right now so that’s why there hasn’t been a post in a while.

I really want to hear from the people who read this, I know there aren’t a ton, but what are some fun things you’ve tried or would like us to try???

Some crafty ideas I’ve had were experimenting with water beads(both crafty and fun playtime for Joshua), painting(at least trying) or making a wreath for Razorback football season at our house.

Also as far as recipes go, I’m thinking easy crock pot meals, something easy but delicious as well as relatively good for you. I know that times are hard for everyone and people are super busy these days, we have got to help each other out!

Thanks for reading even tho there was nothing tried this time, just wanted to keep in touch! Ready…set…comment!


About ahamby85

I'm out to test recipes and crafts, giving real life results. Whether I succeed or fail miserably.

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